An entertainment app with stories, games, music and other surprises that invites adults to imagine and youth to carry on dreaming.

 Play Creatividad, awarded with Publishing Innovation Award 2012 for its application iPoe: The Interactive and Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe Collection, presents The Guardian of Imagination, an app that suggests a blending of the reading experience and the gamification, based on the acclaimed book Forgotten Colors and other illustrated stories.

Forgotten colors, referent in illustrated books, has already sold more tan 15.000 copies in Spain and has been translated to more than 6 languages. This time Play Creatividad goes further in the app version of the book, including mini-games and mysteries. The Guardian of Imagination will be available for free from today on the Appstore, Entertainment Category.

Play Creatividad is globally recognized as an expert company in appbooks for mobiles and tablets. With this new launch put forward a new format of entertainment where youth and adults will find surprising, innovative and inspiring elements. As the company hallmark includes illustration and OST, created by the same team. As Efrén García, Play Creatividad CEO, states – “We believe that imagination is for all audiences and we offer an app with inspiring and optimist stories through fantasy”.

iPoe Collection, created by Play Creatividad, has been rewarded this month with the Best Fiction App Award in the Publishing Innovation Awards (PIA) that took place in New York City during the Digital Book World Conference.

The ‘Publishing Innovation Awards’, that celebrates its 3rd edition this year, rewards the most innovative e-books, enhanced books and book apps in 14 categories, assessing quality, design and interactivity. The mission of the contest is highlighting authors and editors to inspire new ways of understanding the reading experience in the digital era.

As Efren Garcia, CEO from Play Creatividad, said: “It’s an honor to receive an award such as the Publishing Innovation, it reinforces the dedication, emotion and implication of the hole team to create an outstanding work and enjoy it more every day”

Forgotten Colors World

Last November 28th in Hotel Silken Diagonal, Barcelona, Play Attitude presented its lasts projects: the illustrated book The Awakening and the interactive App for iPhone Forgotten Colors.

Among fans and readers, we enjoyed the speech of Efren Garcia, CEO of Play Creatividad, who talked about the new application, which is quite more interactive than the last one launched in 2011. The new app includes 5 stories – the remaining will be updated for free – an original soundtrack and interactive elements that will amuse both children and adults. Efren Garcia also announced the agreement between Hotel Silken Diagonal and Play Attitude to offer the ‘Forgotten Colors’ Book to the hotel guests to do their stay more enjoyable.

The new release The Awakening, written by Silvia G. Guirado and illustrated by Marta Garcia Pérez, was also presented. The Awakening is the story about Bella and Griselda, the princesses that decided to flee from their tale and discover The Real World. An adventure that promotes personal search and encourage achieving our dreams.

Marta Garcia thanked her participation on illustrating the book, and Silvia G. Guirado told us what motivated her to write the story because “maybe it will encourage us to make some changes in our life and take the reins of it”.

With this spirit of change, Play Creatividad focuses on developing the world of Forgotten Colors and bets on new technologies and Apps.

We are proud to present the book-trailer of our next book, The Awakening, where Bella and Griselda (ex-princesses of Forgotten Colors) come back to teach us how to find who we really are, in a grey and standardized Real World. An adventure about friendship, sincerity, rebelliousness and fun. Available at mid October in bookshops.

We want to be greener

Play Attitude team cares about the world and wants to be greener in publishing books. That’s why we work with ‘El Tinter’, a ground-breaking printing house from Barcelona in terms of recycling. Yesterday they invited us to the Greening Books Conference!

Greening Books is a jointly publishing project that has been developing during the last two years in order to improve sustainability standards in publishing books and magazines.

The experts from different fields participated in the conference, from the ones who analyze the ecological footprint of publications to those who are creating new tools to minimize it in print houses, designing, publishing and so on.

El Tinter set out the tenth commandments of the sustainable practices and introduced by the end of 2012 a new tool that allows printing and publishing companies, among other industries, to create their own eco-labels explaining the ecological footprint of each work (something already included in all of our books).

We still have lot to learn but have the best teachers!

Since today, May 9th, Sin Lavarse las manos. Cuentos para antes de comer is available in e-book format. Our aim is to reach all those countries where the new release of Gustavo Duch in its physical form is still not available.

Go to Amazon to buy the Kindle version!

Following our philosophy, Play Attitude always donates a portion of the sales of its books to charity. With our latest book, Inspiration Dormant. Forgotten Colours Revisited, we have reached an agreement with Children of India: Through this NGO a part of the money collected by selling the book will be donated so that young Indians may continue with their studies and thus aspire to better conditions for him and his family.

Children of India has informed us of one of the first students who will benefit from this assistance. Chetan is 18 and lives with his mother. Since his father died, his older brother, working as an electrician, supports the family with 40 € per month. Thanks to the collaboration with Play Attitude, and all of you who have bought the book, Chetan will be able to earn a business degreeand thus fulfil his dream of becoming an economist.

We want to thank all of you who have made Chetan’s dream come true.A dream that will benefit his environment and open new perspectives for the future.

More information.

Last Thursday 24 November at the Hotel Omm, we had the opportunity to present the second bookwe, the Play Creatividad Team, made: Inspiration Dormant, Forgotten Colours Revisited.

After two years of the publication of the first book, Forgotten Colours and Other Illustrated Stories, and its unexpected success, comes this new book, an illustrated novel for youth and adults.

It has been two long years writing, rewriting, illustrations and layout, but finally, last Thursday the book was born.

The presentation was held by Efren Garcia, as head of Play Creatividad, Silvia Gonzalez Guirado, as writer and Paul Biosca, member of Children of India; NGOs which receives 5% of the sales of the book. We also enjoyed the reading of a fragment of the first chapter accompanied by live guitar music.

After the presentation, which also marked the tenth anniversary of the agency, the authors of the book –writer and illustrators, David Garcia Forés, Desiree Arancibiaand Marta Garcia Pérez– signed copies, creating great excitement among the audience.


The world of Forgotten Colours is widening and while we keep working on the second book, we have set up the Forgotten Colours store. In this online store you’ll find the Play Attitude T-shirts that inspired some stories and other items that have been generated after the publication of the book (calendars, books, paintings, etc.) You’ll also find information on the iPad version of the book.

The store opens with new prices, but with the usual Play Attitude shirts: fair trade, organic cotton and positive messages. Also, as before, each shirt donates 10% to the NGO with which it is linked.

If you want to enjoy the illustrations, remember the stories of the book and take a souvenir home, rediscover the world of Forgotten Colours in the new store.