About us

Play Attitude is an publisher content producer that works diverse formats, from traditional illustrated books to digital publications and interactive applications. Our goal is to publish very high quality works both in content and in form, to convey certain values, positive attitudes and a reflective view of the society in which we live in and ourselves.

Furthermore, we work with formats that we believe strongly to have multiple possibilities in the future. E-books and applications allow a new kind of interaction with the reader. A different approach to reading is achieved combining history, illustration, music and games. From this vision of future we set up transmedia projects that allow broaden horizons of our characters and stories and bring them to several formats such as applications, merchandising, games, brands or whatever that our mind imagine.

In Play Attitude we are constantly searching and evolving but always with the same premise: to transmit values through reflection and smile, for a better world.

Yes, we strongly believe a better world is possible!